Ways You Can Stay Involved in Your Community in Senior Living

Ways You Can Stay Involved in Your Community in Senior Living

As we get older, staying socially active can become a bit more challenging — but it also becomes more important than ever. Continued social engagement has been shown to improve individuals’ mental and physical wellbeing, to keep people healthier and happier as they age. By moving to a Continuing Care Retirement Community (also known as a Life Plan Community) like Legacy at Mills River, you can discover the wonderful levels of community involvement that top-notch senior living provides. 

At a retirement community like Legacy at Mills River, you get the opportunity to interact with like-minded individuals, grow new friendships, find more purpose in life and stay connected to others around you.

Read on to learn how.

Invest in the Power of Community

Staying socially active as we age can have major benefits for our overall well being. Some of these benefits include enhanced cognitive function, better emotional and physical health, stronger immune systems, better sleep patterns and a longer lifespan.

The reasons for this make sense: People who maintain friendships and relationships as they age are better able to feel a sense of purpose, belonging and activity — and this is essential for keeping a positive mindset and being healthy. It’s been shown that living in isolation and withdrawing from society can have detrimental health effects and potentially contribute to cognitive decline and dementia; with increased community involvement, the opposite is true.

At CCRCs like Legacy at Mills River, you get to participate in a thriving community of like-minded individuals, people who are active and eager to form strong friendships. Legacy’s approach to senior living in North Carolina is ideal for members who want to own their own retirement homes, and to share their community with others who feel the same way about advancing the idea of what senior living can be. 

Living in North Carolina fosters this sense of community, as the state’s reputation for Southern Hospitality means that neighbors quickly become friends, and friendships quickly become lifelong relationships. This is especially true at CCRCs like Legacy, because members have so many common bonds and ties — they’re not just neighbors, they’re shared investors who have a personal interest in the community flourishing, and want to create as vibrant of a neighborhood feel as possible.

And if you’ve made a deposit into a community that is in the process of being built, there are many ways to begin cultivating relationships in the meantime. Legacy, for example, holds events and online discussions regularly for depositors to get to know each other and learn more about the community. It’s an opportunity to contribute ideas that are important to the group, so that those ideas can be incorporated into the foundation of the community. 

Expand your Lifestyle

Members at Legacy enjoy maintenance-free living — combined with the pride of homeownership — all in the stunning landscape of Henderson and Buncombe County, North Carolina.

Not having to worry about your home’s upkeep, even while you own it, means you can spend the time you would normally spend on home repairs, yardwork and housekeeping on other activities you’d rather pursue. Legacy’s professional staff can take care of the things you need done around the house, so you can spend your time enjoying the amenities and activities that Legacy’s beautiful natural campus has to offer.

On-campus, where everything has been designed with members’ comfort and enjoyment in mind, every essential service you need is easily accessible, and every leisure activity is only a short walk away. Members at Legacy will enjoy walking in nature, gardening and fishing in Legacy’s freshly-stocked lake. Legacy’s campus will boast not only a pool but a beautiful, European-style spa, as well as an elegant theater for watching movies and other forms of entertainment. And for dining, Legacy will have multiple on-campus venues and choices, headlined by the main culinary center on the top floor — with a stunning view of the lovely surroundings like North Carolina’s Blue Ridge Mountains. 

These activities just scratch the surface of the opportunities for social engagement available to you at Legacy, and these possibilities give you the ability to be as active in the community as you want to be. Staying entertained and mentally stimulated will keep you sharp, positive and looking forward to each day. This is incredibly valuable.

Take Advantage of Wellness Opportunities

Of course, one of the main reasons why people move to CCRCs — especially Life Plan CCRCs like Legacy at Mills River — is the exceptional full continuum of care these communities provide. This high level of emphasis on health and wellbeing permeates the culture of wellbeing at Legacy. 

This full continuum of care starts with a well-rounded focus on, and understanding of, physical wellness and preventative care. Legacy will feature a top-of-the-line Fitness Center, where you can stay fit and active, as well as a physician-staffed Health Center providing a full array of medical services. Not only can you enjoy the benefits of this individually, but it creates more opportunities to get to know each other through group classes and shared experiences.

For community members in Legacy’s Independent Living homes, custom home designs and easy access to the community will help increase the neighborhood feel while giving you the peace-of-mind that expert medical care is right nearby.

For members who require higher levels of care, Legacy will provide Assisted Living, Memory Care, and Skilled Nursing services — all on the CCRC’s campus. This means residents are always close to friends and loved ones if they need advanced care, easing the burdens of transportation and other worries that members at other communities without a continuum of care often face. This also adds to the overall sense of community belonging and closeness members will feel at Legacy.

To learn more about Legacy, visit legacyatmillsriver.com/contact-us or call Legacy at 828-696-1554.

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