Your Pathway to Active Senior Living

Your Pathway to Active Senior Living

For today’s older adults, the idea of retirement is far different than it used to be. Modern-day seniors want to be healthy and active, with exciting things to do in the presence of friends and neighbors. And while some may not believe that retirement communities can offer much in terms of an active, fulfilling lifestyle, this actually couldn’t be farther from the truth: At senior living communities such as Legacy at Mills River, today’s seniors can enjoy true active living that promotes physical, mental, and social well-being.

In this post, we’ll discuss how active senior retirement communities help seniors remain happy and healthy, and why different types of activity can have tremendous positive effects on the body, mind, and spirit. To find out more, read on.

The benefits of staying active as a senior

You probably know how important it is to stay physically active during your life because the science behind exercise has left little doubt to the fact that people who spend their days moving their bodies are more likely to live healthier, longer lives.

Studies show that moderate exercise, on a regular basis, can fight the effects of aging—such as bone and muscle loss, decreased mobility, and chronic health conditions—while improving your ability to live independently and protect yourself against injury. What’s more, exercise has a highly positive impact on your mental state, which matters because many seniors suffer from depression and loneliness.

What may not be as obvious is that staying mentally and socially active during retirement is just as important as exercise is. Mental and social engagement has been shown to improve cognition, slow memory loss, improve mental health, and contribute to seniors’ overall feelings of happiness and self-worth. From a logical perspective, it makes sense: The more that seniors use their brains, nurture friendships and interact with society, the healthier and happier they will be. This is something the Pathways Program helps connect members to as it explores the many options and alternatives to find a member’s ideal active lifestyle.

Types of activities at a Continuing Care Retirement Community (CCRC)

Unlike other types of active senior living communities, CCRCs (also known as Life Plan Communities) offer a full range of amenities, services, and care options for their residents. These CCRC benefits include daily living activities, and they fall into three different categories.

First, CCRCs like Legacy at Mills River offer options for physical activity, such as fitness and wellness centers, walking and jogging paths, swimming pools, and more.

Second, CCRCs promote mental activity with options such as game and hobby rooms, art studios, movie theaters, libraries, foreign language classes, and other pursuits which strengthen the mind.

Third, CCRCs offer great opportunities for social activity. By welcoming new residents into flourishing communities of like-minded individuals, CCRCs give seniors a chance to feel valued, forge new and lasting friendships, and lead robust social lives. This is often one of the most underrated reasons why CCRCs add to their residents’ overall wellness.

Living an active lifestyle at Legacy

At Legacy at Mills River, members will enjoy the Pathways Program, which focuses on wellness as a multi-dimensional state of being and celebrates health in many forms. Through the program, members can explore the many options available to them to help find their ideal active lifestyle. These options include services that will keep members active through intellectual, spiritual, physical, social, emotional, vocational and environmental means. And with local options in dining, shopping, and a wellness center on-site—staying active won’t be hard to do.

From a physical activity standpoint, Legacy’s members will have access to over 100 acres of landscaped paths and walking trails. With the Blue Ridge Mountains for a backdrop, they will be able to turn a daily walk or sunset hike into a joyful exercise routine (with the added benefit of watching the seasons change.)

Those who love fishing will be able to walk to Legacy’s fully-stocked lake and spend the afternoon with their lines in the water, and those with green thumbs will have the opportunity to venture down to the community’s flower-cutting garden for a colorful trim.

For members preferring indoor exercise options, Legacy’s fully-equipped and expertly staffed fitness center will have everything you could ask for. Workout options will include access to Legacy’s biofeedback systems for health and safety monitoring, dips in an indoor, heated pool, and weekly aqua therapy sessions. For those looking to relax and recover after their workouts, Legacy at Mills River will have a serene, European-style spa.

From a mental and social perspective, Legacy at Mills River will excel as well. Crafts and activities rooms, a game room, a library, a beauty and barbershop, multiple dining locations, a hobby shop, a reading room, classrooms, and a movie theater are just some of the conveniences that Legacy’s members will enjoy. By using these amenities and services to keep their minds sharp and their social calendars full, Legacy’s seniors will be among the most active, engaged, and high-spirited in North Carolina.

Experience the Legacy Difference

Future Legacy at Mills River members are already exploring the local community and planning for their futures in homes that they’ll be able to buy (thanks to Legacy’s unique ownership model).

To learn more about the Legacy at Mills River community and the Pathways Program, and to find out what becoming a resident will be like, visit our website—or call us at 828-696-1554 to schedule an appointment at our Sales and Design Center.

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