Living a Personalized Lifestyle at Legacy at Mills River

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Living a Personalized Lifestyle at Legacy at Mills River

Having your own life and living it just as you please shouldn’t be hard to come by. After all, it’s your life, and you deserve to be happy and healthy while living it! 

A senior living community shouldn’t be a place where people get stuck in a routine, or don’t have options to do the things they want to do. Instead, to qualify as one of the best retirement communities around, the community should allow you to explore your passions. It should encourage healthy choices, and the ability to select what you want, when you want it—whether that means healthcare, delicious meal choices, or even a night out on the town. 

That’s how senior independent living will be at Legacy at Mills River, the premier Continuing Care Retirement Community (CCRC) for seniors in Western North Carolina. Located among the majestic Blue Ridge Mountains, Legacy—scheduled to open its doors to new residents in 2024—will offer its members a personalized senior lifestyle that is theirs to envision, create, and enjoy. 

To learn more about the Legacy lifestyle, read on.

Experiencing Life at Legacy

Imagine: Phillip and Rose, are both in their mid-70s and have made the decision to sell their home, which has become a burden to maintain. They came across North Carolina during their travels and fell in love with the location. So much so that they chose it as their retirement destination. They settled down in a home with mountain views for some time, but began to age out of their retirement home and explore their options. While they have no ties to the area or family nearby, they have fallen in love with the four season climate,  Blue Ridge Mountains and all the area has to offer. Upon further research, they came across Legacy at Mills River.

Barely a month into their journeys at Legacy, Phillip and Rose already know they’ve made the right decision. They absolutely love their home, which they’ve designed and personalized to be the living space they envisioned. They have equity in their home, thanks to Legacy’s unique homeownership model which sets it apart from other CCRCs. Each morning when they wake up and each night when they turn in, Phillip and Rose feel a sense of comfort and peace in their surroundings. The added equity element gives them control which leads to peace of mind.  

However, there’s much more to their lives at Legacy than simply the pleasantness of their living space. Legacy at Mills River has quickly become a true neighborhood for Phillip and Rose, which is very similar to their previous home. Although they left behind a house that had beautiful sunsets pictured amongst mountsides and an active social life with great friends, they enjoy a very similar lifestyle at Legacy. Same sunrises with new friends, combined with their old ones, for a special community. 

As much as Phillip and Rose hoped that Legacy would be a place for them to spend their retirement years, they never thought they’d be so active and so energized on a daily basis as they are by Legacy’s amenities, services, and activities. They dine with friends at Legacy’s on-site restaurants; they go for hikes along the campus’ landscaped paths and walking trails; they take day trips to nearby Asheville and Hendersonville. When their family visits, Phillip takes the grandkids fishing at Legacy’s stocked lake, while Rose and her daughter enjoy the spa.

At Legacy, Phillip and Rose have been able to personalize their living space, their schedules, and even their lifestyle to experience full, enriching lives in a community of their peers.

That’s not all, though: They’ve also made the move to Legacy at Mills River with security and peace of mind, knowing that their healthcare needs will be met, no matter what health challenges they may face in the years ahead. And Phillip and Rose know they’ll be able to afford whatever healthcare challenges come their way, because Legacy is a sustainably-designed CCRC (also known as a Life Plan Community). This means that Legacy provides a full continuum of care, right on campus, with cost-control options that work for the community’s members. So, if either of them  ever needs Legacy’s Assisted Living, Memory Care, or Skilled Nursing services, they know that they’ll be able to get the care they need. 

Combined with their everyday lifestyle, this knowledge that they’ll be well-cared-for and able to live in a way that allows them to grow their hard-earned money through the equity model gives them a solid piece of mind and security. It’s a place where they will gain interest on their investment and their money will not be lost to partially refundable entrance fees, but instead it will be placed in a safe reliable community that will help their funds appreciate and grow. 

What will your Legacy story be?

Yes, Phillip and Rose are made up, because Legacy at Mills River is still in development. But once Legacy opens, there will be many people like them in the community, creating personalized lifestyles for themselves, on their terms. Their story is meant to give you a sense of what your life can be like at Legacy, and the kinds of options you’ll have for choosing and designing not only your home, but your daily activities, social life, and healthcare as well.

To learn more about the life you can lead at Legacy, visit, or call Legacy at 828-696-1554 to schedule a visit to the Design Center.

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