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Planning for Population Growth and Baby Boomers in WNC

Written by Legacy Member, Veech Li

We have all heard about the gradual “aging” of the American population. But according to the most recent population census, the growth in the State of North Carolina from 2010-2020 in the number of persons in the over 65 age group far outpaced the general population growth 42% vs 10%. Furthermore, the projections for growth in the next decade from 2020 – 2030 shows a continuing of this growth rate gap.

The data also shows a slightly higher rate of growth in the Western North Carolina area vs. the rest of the state in both general population and the over 65 age group, a reflection of a migration of older folks to our beautiful mountains presumably to better enjoy their retirement years. One only has to look at the numerous construction sites on Rt 280 to see the growth happening in Mills River.

But with these huge growth in numbers of the over 65 age group, the number of high-end CCRCs (Continual Care Retirement Communities) has not grown at the same pace. Demand for space in these limited capacity CCRCs has driven wait list time up to 3 – 8 years depending on specific housing configuration desires. Several prominent CCRCs have launched new capacity expansions – all which have been sold out before construction has been completed.

The Legacy will become only the second high quality CCRC in Henderson County. We feel fortunate to be able to select the exact housing space, location and layout while having to wait only a few years until we can occupy our place at the Legacy.

About Veech:  Veech grew up in the Northeast, and his business career took him far and wide internationally with his final stint in Zurich prior to retirement.  Veech was involved in consumer product marketing and international affiliate management for multiple well known companies.  Today, he and wife Fran calls Burge Mountain in Hendersonville home where they have lived for the past 10 years.

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