How Downsizing Can Maximize Your Retirement Years

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How Downsizing Can Maximize Your Retirement Years

Responsibility: it’s something you’ve had your entire life — and a lot of it. For you, having little responsibility is probably something you’ve never considered. But that dream can become a reality at Legacy at Mills River. You’ve worked hard, and you deserve to spend the rest of your life doing what you love the most — enjoying your favorite activities and spending quality time with your friends and family.

As you plan for your future, you may find moving to a retirement community could be the answer to the lifestyle you desire. And if luxury senior living becomes your plan, you’ll need to determine what you want that life to look like. Future Legacy members are finding freedom in simplifying their lives by planning to downsize.  

Learn more about the benefits of downsizing when moving to an independent living community and if it’s right for you. 

Benefits of Downsizing

Downsizing your home offers many benefits, including some you may not have considered. To start, downsizing forces you to get organized and to eliminate clutter. Furthermore, if there is less room in your home, you are less likely to buy unnecessary items, allowing you to save money and save more space.

But the greatest reason of all is the elimination of stress and the increase in overall well-being. Seniors who have successfully downsized appear happier when they are no longer overwhelmed by the demands of a larger home. With fewer rooms, smaller spaces, and less responsibility, you will be able to spend more time on the things you love, such as hobbies, recreation, building relationships, travel, or simply resting.

No Maintenance, No Worries 

When retiring to a continuing care retirement community (CCRC) at Legacy at Mills River, you get the best of both worlds. You get to own a home but you don’t have the hassle of managing the upkeep that comes with homeownership. Aside from everyday costs that add up over time — like utility bills and household items — you’re also responsible for unpredictable large expenses, such as exterior maintenance and home repairs. At Legacy at Mills River, we do all of that for you!

You may also have a large yard that needs to be maintained, especially during various seasons and even inclement weather. If you handle it yourself, it can end up taking a lot of energy. If you hire services to assist you, it can be very costly. At Legacy, we take care of the hard work for you.

 Moving into a senior living community will allow for a lifestyle where you can focus your time on building relationships, exploring the community, and enjoying your life. And downsizing before the move can help you to eliminate the stress in your life even further. Getting rid of items that you no longer need or want, and focusing on what brings you happiness and joy can make all the difference as you begin your maintenance-free lifestyle. 

Financial Freedom

The financial freedom you crave is knocking at your door. By downsizing after retirement, you can save in ways you’ve never imagined. Cutting down on draining expenses such as your utility bills, home maintenance repairs, and everyday household items can save you money and you can spend it the way you choose. 

Additionally, our equity model allows you to receive the tax benefits of being a homeowner, without the hassle of home maintenance. As a member of Legacy, your home investment has the potential to appreciate, and you’re able to finance your purchase. At Legacy, your home is not just a financial investment, but a lifetime investment.

Healthcare at an Arm’s Reach

The term ‘downsizing’ sounds like you’ll be left with less, but with the many services that are offered at a CCRC, you’ll have all that you need. Legacy provides a full continuum of care, right on campus. You will never have to worry about how you’ll get to your appointment or who will pick up your prescription — just leave that up to us. 

 In addition to our four levels of care, we also have a state-of-the-art Health Center on campus. Our Health Center is built with the highest level of care in mind and covers all your healthcare bases. The building incorporates private and semi-private rooms and a physical therapy room. We also have a Health Clinic which covers routine wellness and care like regular checkups and walk-ins. To learn more about our healthcare services, please visit our website.

The Choice is Yours

Choosing between staying in your home or joining an independent living community, and whether or not to downsize if you make the move, is not an easy decision, but we hope this information has helped you. 

At Legacy, we endorse the adventure-goers, the passion-followers, and the spontaneity-seekers. You’ll find your future life at Legacy to be stress-free. When you decided to downsize you’re gaining a one-of-a-kind retirement community experience. To learn more about Legacy at Mills River, contact us at (828) 696-1554 or visit our website.

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