How to Gain a Sense of Community in Senior Living

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How to Gain a Sense of Community in Senior Living

Feeling out of place is no way to spend your retirement years, which is why we’re creating a Continuing Care Retirement Community (CCRC) that focuses on growing strong relationships among members who become invested in the Legacy community. 

Legacy at Mills River is slated to open in 2024. Our goal is to build a community that provides a fun, engaging and active lifestyle like the one you enjoy today. This community will also provide the foundation of amenities and resources to build lasting friendships. All we ask of our members is to be willing to open their social networks to new friendships. 

Know Your Neighbors (And Staff!)

A community is built on relationships, and relationships evolve naturally over time through quality conversations and shared experiences. When members join Legacy at Mills River, we’ll encourage them to  get involved in as many social situations as possible to meet the people around them. We’ll urge them to take advantage of community events designed to bring members together and get them mingling.  

Think about all the staff in a senior living community too. From dining employees to fitness instructors––you’ll learn the faces of the passionate people that make up the Legacy team. You’ll spend so much time together, they’ll become like an extended family to you.

Plans are set for Legacy to open its doors to new members in 2024. We realize that the opening of Legacy is a little ways off and there will be some time before you get to immerse yourself in that physical space. But the benefit of being a part of a newly built community like Legacy allows for the opportunity to play a part in shaping the culture. You’ll be able to suggest the programs and activities that seem most meaningful to you as the community develops.

In the meantime, keep an eye on the Legacy event calendar for any presentations or gatherings that interest you and allow you to get to meet some new faces that will also be calling Legacy home. Once you make a deposit, you become part of a founding guild member group and will be invited to exclusive events where you can meet others who’ve made the same wise decision as you. That way, you’ll already have some relationships started before you even make the move.

Invest in Places and People

Making a new social network later in life can be intimidating, but strong friendships are certainly necessary to make a place feel like home. Finding that sense of community is going to take some work on your part to be willing to put yourself out there and go on some “friend dates.” Don’t worry –– everyone also joining you will be in the same position. A retirement community brings together a sampling of interesting minds from all different places, coming from all walks of life. You’ll have so much to share with one another about the path that brought you to where you are now. 

At Legacy, you’ll be able to visit the library, go see a movie at the theater, explore a number of beautiful hiking trails, or cast out at the stocked fishing lake. You’ll find others doing the same and have an opportunity to bond over your shared interests. Legacy will also offer special amenities that open the door for social bonding, such as an outdoor pickleball court and a heated indoor pool. These amenities will allow you to immerse yourself in recreation and strike up some conversations with others.

Explore Area Attractions 

The many services and amenities that will be available at Legacy will provide you with all you need, but just beyond your doorstep are Asheville and Hendersonville. We put together a map of some of our favorite nature trips, historic destinations, cultural hotspots, festivals, and breweries, among others, to get you started. After settling into the community, you’ll want to explore the surrounding areas and invite some fellow Legacy members to go on an outing with you. 

You can also find new social networks by doing some research into popular community spots. Are you active in your local music scene where you currently live? Do you practice yoga at a studio? Attend a book club or art class in your community? Take those interests and find studios and community centers that host similar events. It will give you the opportunity to meet other members like yourself, and those relationships will make you feel right at home.

Find Value in Ownership

Legacy at Mills River will allow members the opportunity to invest in their community quite literally. Unlike most CCRCs that operate off an entrance fee and monthly payments, Legacy members will build equity in their homes. This ownership model benefits our members –– giving them a lasting value few other senior living options provide –– and also benefits the entire community, because members become more invested in the campus itself. 

We believe this model has all the ingredients for a community to thrive and would love to welcome you into the unique lifestyle we’re building. If you’d like to learn more about what’s planned for Legacy, get in touch with us today at (828) 696-1554 or visit our website.

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