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4 Reasons Senior Living Should be in Your Retirement Plan

Oh, the sweet freedom of retirement! You’ve left those days of hard work and responsibility behind and have been able to focus on what really matters most. You’ve put in your time and have really enjoyed yourself and your loved ones. But making the most of your future requires putting some thought into your upcoming years. 

The best retirement plans are carefully thought out well before retirement actually begins. Determine what kind of lifestyle you’d like to live and how you can achieve it. You may find that joining a life plan community fits the future you’ve envisioned.

Legacy at Mills River is one of the best places to retire in North Carolina, if you are interested in beautiful sunsets along picturesque mountainsides, an active social life, and great friends. This brand new life plan community is for those who are looking to lead an active lifestyle during retirement, with amenities, services, and activities that bring new opportunities every day. 

Below are four reasons to consider a senior living community, so that you can make an informed decision on where you want to live during your retirement. 

1: Your Health and Wellness Becomes a Priority

You should be putting your health and wellness first and foremost at this stage of your life – you know that. But, you also know that this can be a challenge. Seniors often find that they don’t have the resources or expertise to keep their bodies moving the way they should to keep them healthy. At a senior living community, exercise becomes an exciting, engaging part of your day. Personal trainers will create programs for you at Legacy at Mills River to keep you in great shape and improve your health. Take advantage of the pool, massage therapy, integrated hiking trails and woodland hills to stay healthy and active.

2: Your Social Life Can Blossom

Getting older can hinder relationships due to many different reasons. A senior living community gives you the opportunity to meet many individuals who are in a similar phase of their lives as you. Engage in various activities and bond with neighbors for a happier, more fulfilled life. Having healthy social relationships is associated with reduced rates of depression and better cognitive health, and will keep your days busy and fun. 

3: Home Ownership without Home Maintenance Worries

Typically, seniors considering independent living aren’t sure of the financial situation at various communities. It can oftentimes be unclear you are required to pay monthly fees, or if you can own equity. The Legacy senior living model incorporates the best of both worlds. At Legacy, members will have the opportunity to own their homes, which means they won’t have to rent or lease the space. The homes will belong to the members, who will be investing in a better future for themselves and their family members.

4: Transportation Challenges are a Thing of the Past

If there becomes a time that you decide you’d like to rely on the conveniences of a senior living community, Legacy at Mills River ensures all that you need will be nearby. Health issues may one day get in the way of running everyday errands like traveling to the grocery store and pharmacy. While this time may be far off, it’s reassuring to know a senior living community will have most of your necessities available on site. From health care to dining, everything is conveniently located so you can spend that extra time doing something you love. 

Retirement is already an exciting time for you and now you have the opportunity to plan how it will look in the future. By adding senior living to your retirement plan, it could mean even more spontaneous excursions and the freedom to make your retirement experience all it can be. Legacy at Mills River is one of the best senior living communities for seniors embarking on retirement. For more information, call us at 828-539-1549 or visit our website

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