John and Diane met as graduate students at the University of Pennsylvania, Philadelphia.  They were both studying Computer Science during the early years of the computer industry.  After graduating, they were recruited by the University of Utah, Salt Lake City where they taught computer science and performed research specializing in database systems.  Subsequently, they moved to a start-up company in Cambridge, MA where they directed the research program.  Finally, they worked at a couple of large computer technology companies.  By now, the Personal Computer and the Internet were revolutionizing the computer industry and a new generation of computer scientists were on the leading edge. It was time to pass the baton to this new generation.

Retiring early, they headed back to the Rocky Mountains where they loved to hike.  For 12 years, John and Diane called Santa Fe, NM home and used it as a base to explore historic sites, geological landmarks and exciting trails along the length of the mountain range.  John became Vice President of the Santa Fe Basin Water Association, a non-profit corporation, which advocated for domestic well owners threatened by the relentless expansion of the City and County Water Systems.  They both were active in their Homeowners Association.  Diane served on the Board and John, at various times, led Committees for “Architecture Control”, “Road Maintenance”, “Water Management”, and “Covenants Revision”.  Witnessing forest fires and the continuing desiccation in Northern NM, they decided to head back East to the Appalachian Mountains.  John and Diane built a house in South Asheville near the Blue Ridge Parkway and have enjoyed the local attractions for the past 7 years.


John and Diane are now ready for one more move – to Legacy.  They realize they cannot maintain the same pace and independence as before.  They want to focus on the things that matter the most (friendly social environment, attractive surroundings, comfortable residence, good food, and keeping as fit as possible), and rely on Legacy for the rest (home and landscape maintenance, food preparation, event and trip organization, supportive care when needed, and transportation).  In comparison with other retirement communities in the region, John and Diane note the differences in waiting times and residences.  At another community, waiting times may be too long (and too indefinite) for their comfort, and the offered residence may be of older construction and style.  At Legacy, they need only wait for construction to be complete, and they can move into the fully modern residence of their choice on a beautiful, spacious and well-planned campus. They view the Legacy “Home Equity Model” as an additional benefit.


Like all the Guild Members, John and Diane look forward to being able to contribute to making Legacy an exceptional retirement community.


Village Home 76, Floor Plan Roycroft



With all grading permits and approvals received, site work has begun.  This kicks off the necessary steps in Legacy’s overall timeline to open in 2026!  Don’t miss your chance to be among the first to own a home at Legacy. 

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Janet & Ann

Janet & Ann met in a yoga class over a decade ago and were married on the day the U.S. Supreme Court heard oral arguments in the Obergefell v. Hodges case.

Barbara and Paul

While Barbara and Paul have enjoyed living in downtown Charleston, SC, they will not miss the growing threat of hurricanes, tidal flooding and the various impacts of climate change when they move to Legacy.