Raised in New Jersey and the Philadelphia area, Elizabeth married and moved to Syracuse, NY and later settled in Rochester, NY.  She and her husband Ray (now deceased) retired to Hendersonville in 2004.  While raising her children, she was a Social Studies high school teacher.  After six years, she left teaching and became a real estate agent where she balanced that busy schedule while working on a book about the massive transition that humankind is embroiled in today.   In the nineties, she left real estate to focus on the book. Once the book was complete, having always loved dogs, she worked to become a professional dog trainer.  With the addition of an Irish Setter in her life, she fell in love with the breed and showed them successfully in Confirmation and Obedience with a few champions to her credit!  After 40 years of joy with this breed, she sadly had to put her last Irish Setter down in March 2020.  Feeling the need to downsize, she now has a Medium Bernedoodle, “Daisy”, whose biggest fault is that she too enthusiastically loves everyone!!


As the former Vice President for the Hendersonville Kennel Club, she remains a member and great advocate of the organization.  Additionally, Elizabeth has a love of travel.  While she has explored foreign lands extensively, Greece and Croatia are high on her “yet-to-visit” list. And, like so many in the Legacy community, she looks forward to cultivating a Book Club (Non- Fiction) and enjoying lively conversation on a variety of topics.


Elizabeth has a keen interest in the social, psychological, technological and existential problems we face today and how we can positively affect the direction of our future and that of the planet.


Since her parents have been in an equity model CCRC prior, Elizabeth was not only familiar with the concept but made that all important decision to want the same type of facility/community for herself.  She appreciates the physical architectural designs of the proposed buildings/homes that will inhabit the Legacy site, and also looks forward to the quality of care and attention to delicious cuisine.


Elizabeth looks forward to continuing fostering her love of books in what will surely be a gathering of the many well-read souls who have also voiced the desire to form a Book Club…or several!  Additionally, she will be a frequent visitor to the dog park where friendships will grow for both she and Daisy!


Village Home 81, Floor Plan Roycroft



With all grading permits and approvals received, site work has begun.  This kicks off the necessary steps in Legacy’s overall timeline to open in 2026!  Don’t miss your chance to be among the first to own a home at Legacy. 

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Janet & Ann

Janet & Ann met in a yoga class over a decade ago and were married on the day the U.S. Supreme Court heard oral arguments in the Obergefell v. Hodges case.

Barbara and Paul

While Barbara and Paul have enjoyed living in downtown Charleston, SC, they will not miss the growing threat of hurricanes, tidal flooding and the various impacts of climate change when they move to Legacy.