Linda, originally from Rochester NY and Robert, a life-long Texan, married 5 years ago. They decided to start their life together by moving from Texas to Asheville. They built a home in Town Mountain Preserve in north Asheville and joined the natives – the black bears who call the area home. They both agree, the move has been a great decision.

Linda is a Marriage and Family Therapist and a Mediator.  She had a private practice for 34 years in Dallas, TX.  She specialized in high-conflict Divorce and had the opportunity to travel all over the world training others in her area of specialization. Linda delighted in learning how other cultures approach relationships, parenting and conflict.  While she loved what she did, she was exhausted and very ready to retire.  COVID helped her make that decision.

Robert was a criminal defense attorney for 45 years in Dallas and an adjunct professor of criminal procedure at the Southern Methodist University School of Law. During the latter part of his career he spent a lot of time working with The Innocence Project. Robert has been involved in exonerating five people who were wrongly convicted of crimes and sentenced to prison. He found this work beyond gratifying.


Linda says she’s still discovering “who I am” in retirement and enjoying the process.  She is quite involved with animal rescue (recently participated as a member of the Board of Directors for Asheville Humane Society), tutoring children with Read 2 Succeed, and a few other organizations in Asheville.  Linda strongly believes we are all here to give back to the planet and other people and she’s happy to finally have time to do so.  She loves hiking, photography, and is learning to paint. She’s also an avid reader.

Robert is taking piano lessons and doing volunteer work for Pisgah Legal Services and ENGin, an organization that helps people in Ukraine improve their English-speaking skills.

They both enjoy traveling and they have two Golden Retrievers to keep them company when they’re home.


Linda and Robert met professionally 40 years ago. Linda says they were slow learners when it came to choosing the right life partner, but the wait was worth it!

Robert transitioned from a career as a criminal defense attorney to working as a consultant for HBO and NBC/Universal.


When Linda and Robert decided to be proactive about how they want to live as they age, they found the Legacy model to their liking. The opportunity to own their home and be involved in the design process of their home and the community are especially attractive. They like the active lifestyle that’s being created.

They’ve enjoyed meeting other Legacy members who lead interesting lives and are equally open to making new friends.


Linda notes that she is, by nature, a caring person.  She hopes to be part of a group that helps others in need…physically and/or emotionally.  It takes a village, as they say, and she believes that kind of village will be created at Legacy.

Robert is willing to do most anything to help make Legacy a great place to live. He has been on the board of two homeowners’ associations. He was president of one that was new, and in the process learned a lot about getting a new association up and running. He is willing to put that knowledge to work at Legacy.


Village Home 29, Floor Plan Roycroft


Welcome to legacy


With all grading permits and approvals received, site work has begun.  This kicks off the necessary steps in Legacy’s overall timeline to open in 2026!  Don’t miss your chance to be among the first to own a home at Legacy. 

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Janet & Ann

Janet & Ann met in a yoga class over a decade ago and were married on the day the U.S. Supreme Court heard oral arguments in the Obergefell v. Hodges case.

Barbara and Paul

While Barbara and Paul have enjoyed living in downtown Charleston, SC, they will not miss the growing threat of hurricanes, tidal flooding and the various impacts of climate change when they move to Legacy.