Becky and Ralph met in college and, after getting married, moved to and lived for 43 years in beautiful Charleston, South Carolina… which is also Becky’s hometown! Eight years ago, they decided to relocate to totally different, but equally beautiful Sapphire, North Carolina. Becky’s career was centered on teaching gifted and talented students in the Charleston public school system.

Ralph, a CPA, spent the majority of his career in finance and accounting for the Medical University of SC with affiliations both in academics as well as relative to the 700 bed teaching hospital.


Both Becky and Ralph enjoy engaging in volunteer opportunities with local Non-Profit organizations. They also share a love of reading and crossword puzzles. Becky also works to master the skill sets for jigsaw puzzles, scrabble and mah- jongg. Ralph will be in good company at Legacy relative to his love of golf! Should one pass their home on a stroll through Legacy, be sure to take a deep breath in as you may just catch the wonderful aroma when Ralph is baking up a delectable creation! Ralph is also a cribbage player!


Becky is adopted and discovered that her birth parents were raised 30 miles from their home in Sapphire!
Ralph served in the US Army Reserve for 24 years.


About 15 years ago, the Greenes began to investigate CCRCs and had placed a deposit on a unit in a community in Charleston… until the Canbys shared their excitement at the discovery of Legacy and encouraged the Greenes to give it a look! After retiring in Western NC and falling in love with the surrounding areas, Becky and Ralph were thrilled to learn of the Legacy development plans! The prime location, proximity to good quality healthcare, the various entertainment options throughout the area, the equity model and the first class plans for the community stood out as validation that this decision was the right one for them. Today, the couple is delighted to be involved in what Legacy will soon become…and the added bonus is that eight of their close friends have also made a reservation at Legacy!!


Becky and Ralph look forward to assisting in making Legacy a caring, friendly and successful community!


Estate Home 47, Floor Plan Penlee


Welcome to legacy


With all grading permits and approvals received, site work has begun.  This kicks off the necessary steps in Legacy’s overall timeline to open in 2026!  Don’t miss your chance to be among the first to own a home at Legacy. 

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Janet & Ann

Janet & Ann met in a yoga class over a decade ago and were married on the day the U.S. Supreme Court heard oral arguments in the Obergefell v. Hodges case.

Barbara and Paul

While Barbara and Paul have enjoyed living in downtown Charleston, SC, they will not miss the growing threat of hurricanes, tidal flooding and the various impacts of climate change when they move to Legacy.