Bob Lawrence & Sue Rossman


Bob and Sue are residents of Brevard. Bob was born and raised in Brevard, graduated from Clemson University, served 2 years in the Army…and then settled back in Brevard where he has lived ever since! Sue has also been a lifetime North Carolinian and has resided in Brevard since 1962! Professionally, Bob worked for 40 years for Ecusta Corp., a paper mill based in…yes, Brevard! During his career, he spent 20 of those years promoting Ecusta internationally and, in that process, visited over 100 countries! In his later years, he served as General Manager of the company until his retirement. Sue’s education and love of children led her to be a dedicated teacher of kindergarten and 1st grade for 35 years! 


Both Sue and Bob love to play golf. They have also hiked in the mountains surrounding the Brevard area for many years but now mainly enjoy daily walks around their neighborhood. They love music and are active readers. Sue also loves flower arranging and is looking forward to learning and fostering her love of art. Both have traveled extensively and plan on continuing those activities post-pandemic. And, with three sons and 9 grandchildren speckled along the east coast, they revel in spending time with family. 


Bob has found that many are surprised to learn that he has lived the vast majority of his life in Brevard… and, to this day, still reveres the area! Sue used to be an avid kayaker in her younger days! 


As with many, two of the driving forces in planning their future were minimizing/eliminating home maintenance and securing health care as the years pass. Sue and Bob acknowledge the equity model with low maintenance and the phenomenal health care available at Legacy were major considerations in their decision. They look forward to enjoying the numerous amenities, like the pool, hiking/walking trails and the community gardens. Also, the location and climate, proximity to their doctors and cultural events, and a feeling of safety are benefits they look forward to enjoying. 


Having several friends that have reserved at Legacy, Bob and Sue look forward to communing with them and meeting and forging new friendships. Both of them plan on being active participants and Sue may just be a perfect fit for the Welcome Committee. 


Manor Home 327, Floor Plan Lacegreen 

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