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Fees & Values

Fees & Values

Lasting value. Lasting legacy.

Legacy, you see, is a planned Continuing Care Retirement Community, meaning that our members pay a monthly fee in addition to owning their home. Our monthly fees are as varied as our floor plans, since the cost of the monthly fee is associated with the floor plan you select. Your monthly fee covers virtually all the costs of upkeep and repair as well as a long list of services and amenities, including meals and entertainment, transportation, security and wellness programs and facilities. Our fees also include utilities and your homeowners association fees. So, when comparing the relative costs of ownership at Legacy against that of staying in your neighborhood, there truly is no comparison.

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As an equity based CCRC, Legacy offers a beneficial agreement, giving members the advantages of buying a retirement home without the financial burden of upkeep and home maintenance. This curtails the cost of senior living. The option of healthcare services on-site provides members with the peace of mind that comes from lifetime access to award-winning long-term care and is a positive factor in retirement cost of living.

Our equity component enables you to retain the tax benefits of homeownership without the hassle of home maintenance, all while leaving a legacy for loved ones. As a member at Legacy, your investment has the potential to appreciate, and you also have an opportunity to finance your purchase, both of which are not available in traditional entrance-fee CCRC models. Additionally, an investment into a home at Legacy stays on your balance sheet—giving you the opportunity to borrow against it or invest it to fund your future estate or healthcare needs.

In the future, there will be a Legacy affiliated real estate office available as an option to help you find a buyer and resell your home. Plus, Legacy will even offer to buy back your unit as-is, simplifying the process even more. Not ready to sell? We will help you create a long-term lease on your unit and find the perfect family to rent your unit until you or your estate are ready to sell.  Now that’s true value.

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