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When will construction be completed?

Plans are for Legacy to open its doors to new members in late 2024-early 2025. That progress is also dependent on our ability to meet North Carolina Department of Insurance requirements. Read more about our project timeline.

How does the Equity Model differ from other retirement communities?

In terms of their presentation, retirement communities can look very similar. All offer independent living accommodations for active older adults. All often offer attractive campus settings and a wide range of lifestyle features, programs and amenities. In some cases, they might feature dining centers, care wings or medical facilities onsite.  


An equity model CCRC enjoys all the same benefits as an entrance fee model with the added benefit of homeownership. With this unique model you benefit from: 

  • homeownership
  • Your financial investment is truly that: an investment
  • Build lasting equity in your home with every dollar you put in
  • Customizing your home as you please as the owner
  • Being able to move at any time by selling your home
  • The opportunity to earn money with the resale, as you set the price, not the community


At a rental retirement community, you rent your apartment for a monthly fee. The community is not necessarily obligated to provide medical services. And, in the vast majority of cases, those services are charged separately from rental fees and at current market rates by an independent home services agency. Because they are not licensed to provide higher-level assisted living or skilled nursing services, members requiring those services will eventually need to relocate.


At an entrance-fee CCRC, unlike a rental model where you simply pay month to month, you also pay a one-time partially refundable entrance fee in exchange for a place to live with continuing healthcare on site. You pay monthly fees, for a slate of benefits. During your stay, you lose that money indefinitely as it goes into the pocket of the community. You also lose control to easily move out and change many things about your living conditions—like updating the interior of your home, for example. 

How does the Equity Model differ from an entrance-fee CCRC?

Choosing an entrance-fee CCRC is much like renting an apartment: you pay entrance and monthly fees, and in exchange you receive a place to live and a slate of benefits including access to on-site long-term healthcare. The community invests your one-time entrance fee back into the community for management and operation. You will only ever get a portion of that fee back.

But life at Legacy is different. Here your financial investment is truly that: an investment. With every dollar you put in, you build lasting equity in your home; equity built on a campus in a desirable location with exceptional amenities and state-of-the-art healthcare options

What is a CCRC (Continuing Care Retirement Community)?

A Continuing Care Retirement Community (CCRC), sometimes known as a life plan community, is a residential organization where members live independently knowing they can also age in place with the full continuum of healthcare services available along with a variety of attractive lifestyle amenities. 

Typically, individuals or couples sign a residence agreement to live independently in an apartment or cottage of their choice, knowing that if and when needs should change, they have the benefit of a full spectrum of long-term healthcare options available. Each community has a different model for how to pay for healthcare.



Is dining included in my monthly fee?

Yes, dining is included with five venue options. It includes dine-in and carryout options to fit your needs at that time. Your registered dietitian will be on call to answer any questions as well as answer any of your special dietary needs. 

Logistically, you’ll receive 30 meal credits a month under the standard monthly payment agreement. You can bank the meals you don’t use and adjust your plan based on your consistent usage.

What types of services and amenities will I enjoy at Legacy?

Among the features and services our members will enjoy include:

  • Five dining venue choices with varied offerings fit for every occasion
  • Wellness Center featuring a spa, a heated indoor pool offering aqua fitness and therapy, exercise rooms as well as a full-time fitness staff.    
  • State-of-the-art movie theater
  • Full library, stocked with the classics as well as the latest best sellers
  • Full-service coworking collaborative business space
  • Campus-wide high-speed Wi-Fi
  • Beauty salon and barbershop
  • Private long-term healthcare including on-site assisted living and skilled nursing
  • Integrated trail system to encourage an active lifestyle and a connection to nature
  • Community flower-cutting gardens
  • Biofeedback systems for health and safety monitoring
  • Transportation services
  • 24-hour security
  • On-site physician-staffed outpatient Health Center 
  • Stocked fishing lake
  • Fully-equipped woodworking shop
  • Art and creative studio
  • Security including 24-hour video surveillance, key-card entry points, campus-wide emergency response and individual residences equipped with biofeedback systems

What will dining be like at Legacy?

Seasonal breakfast, lunch and dinner menus with an emphasis on fresh ingredients and culinary excellence are prepared each day under the supervision of our executive chef and served by wait staff in the clubhouse dining rooms each day. Nutrition is a paramount focus in our kitchens and reasonable special diets can be accommodated if requested. The services of a registered dietician are provided to residents on a regular basis. Home delivery and take-out meals are available.

Residents will receive thirty meal credits per month (or the equivalent of one meal per day per month) under the standard monthly payment agreement. Those who prefer fewer meals may receive a credit each month by agreeing to a smaller plan.

Is transportation included?

Our transportation offering will evolve based on the needs of our members. When Legacy opens, our vans and drivers will run regularly to grocery stores, banks, shopping centers, and other desirable destinations. They will also run by request—so if you need a ride to the airport, you have an appointment with a specialist in Asheville or you would like to visit a festival in Hendersonville, we’ll gladly make the arrangements.


Is Legacy at Mills River an accredited CCRC?

Accreditation by CARF requires a community to be operating for several years before it is eligible to apply. Legacy will follow industry best practices to put the community in a position to consider CARF accreditation upon reaching eligibility.  

What type of security will be in place at Legacy?

Individual residences will be equipped with a campus-wide emergency response system. Security and nursing personnel will respond immediately. Additionally, our wired-campus can accommodate the latest in safety technology including health and safety monitoring, alerting staff to any emergent situations such as a fall. 911 will be called whenever emergency care is needed.

How is a CCRC regulated?

CCRCs are subject to state regulations in terms of their financial management and the extent and enforcement of those regulations vary from state to state. In North Carolina, the state Department of Insurance provides rigorous oversight, requiring multiple documents to be submitted annually, including a disclosure statement, actuarial studies, audited financial statements, and many more. They also impose strict cash reserve requirements and escrow requirements related to entry fees for start-up communities.

The healthcare operations of CCRCs are generally regulated both by state health departments and subject to Federal oversight if the community participates in Medicare or Medicaid, as Legacy does.


Are there any health care programs that make Legacy different?

Our Pathways to Wellness program for members living independently offers planned on-campus primary care, therapy clinics, visiting specialists, a home care agency and even a service to help you manage the processing of insurance claims.

Our Health Care center, exclusively available to Legacy members, will provide the highest quality assisted, memory and nursing care with staff carefully selected and trained to maximize the quality of life and dignity for all they serve.

Primary Care Clinic

The Primary Care Clinic will contract with a local physician practice to provide on-site primary care that will provide routine examinations, lab work, assessments, and other more common needs for members choosing to affiliate.

Visiting Specialists 

Legacy will also provide space for visiting specialists such as audiologists, podiatrists, and dentists to see and treat patients.

Assisted Living

We will have a number of Assisted Living rooms—each with the same Arts & Crafts elegance that you’ll find throughout the entire campus. Designed with efficiency, comfort, care, and convenience in mind, our Assisted Living rooms are on the second floor of our main building, with its relaxing patio, open areas, and prime proximity to our Health Center.

Memory Care

Assisted Living residents who are dealing with Alzheimer’s and related dementia will benefit from our state-of-the-art Memory Care Program. While under our care, we will seek to strengthen and extend memory function of our participants while creating an environment that comforts and calms. The program emphasizes mental and physical exercises, memory cueing, as well as the establishment and maintenance of routines.

Skilled Nursing

Skilled nursing is an integral part of our offerings here at Legacy. We foster a person-centered environment, with emphasis on respect, privacy and a true understanding of each individual in our care. Between our state-of-the-art Health Center and our trained, caring staff being available 24 hours a day, our community will be here to support our members with the expert care they need—today and tomorrow.

Does Legacy offer the full continuum of care services?

Yes. As a sustainably-designed CCRC, Legacy will be staffed and equipped to serve the healthcare needs only of its members from routine check-ups to critical care. When members purchase a home at Legacy, they enter into a Membership Agreement which entitles them to receive the continuing care services at our private Health Center at a discounted rate. Life Care Contracts are available for members who want additional protection against the rising cost of long-term healthcare.

Specifically, what healthcare services are offered at Legacy?

We offer a full range of healthcare services no matter your need during retirement. From care during independent living to assisted living to skilled nursing, we offer the comprehensive care needed for sustained peace of mind throughout your time in our community.  Legacy will also exceed state staffing minimums to make sure that everyone who needs help with daily living gets the closest possible attention.

Can I keep my doctors?

Of course. Legacy members are free to continue to consult with any healthcare service providers they choose. We also provide transportation services for appointments at nearby medical offices or hospitals for a nominal fee. 


Are there tax advantages of moving to a Continuing Care Retirement Community?

Yes. As an equity-ownership community, Legacy enables its resident members to retain the tax benefits of homeownership without the hassle of home maintenance, all while leaving a legacy for loved ones. In addition, members of Legacy at Mills River are entitled to a tax benefit under current IRS rules. Some or all of prepaid healthcare fees and a percentage of the monthly payment may be eligible for claim as a medical expense deduction each year. 

In January of each year, Legacy will provide members with a letter detailing the amount of the prior year’s monthly payments that have been determined to be attributable to the operations of the Health Center. Members should consult their tax advisor regarding the deductibility of any fees.

What if I have long-term care insurance?

Long Term Care Insurance, depending on the terms of each policy, may cover some or all of the expenses for Long Term Care provided at Legacy. Members with Long Term Care Insurance should carefully consider how their policy impacts the healthcare plan option selected at Legacy.

What is included under the monthly fee?

In addition to covering most of your utility expenses and your HOA monthly dues, the monthly fee includes a range of services and amenities designed to both simplify and enhance your life. Below is just a sample of some of the many benefits.


A Meal Allowance is provided to each Member at the beginning of each month and then in the various dining services venues, this allowance can be “spent down” as food and beverages are selected.


Housekeeping services include cleaning and dusting the interior of the Home, with vacuuming on a bi-weekly basis.

Laundry Service

The bi-weekly flat laundry service includes sheets, pillowcases, towels, face cloths and dishcloths. The flat laundry will be washed, dried, folded and returned at the next scheduled housekeeping visit. All residences at Legacy are also equipped with clothes washers and dryers for our members’ convenience. 

Grounds Keeping

Legacy at Mills River’s lawns, trees and shrubs are maintained as well as the interior and exterior of the clubhouse, the parking areas, walks and exercise trails.

Programs and Activities

Activities include social, cultural and recreational activities for those who wish to participate. The Activities Director will be responsible for scheduling group events, transportation, newsletters and resident orientation. Arts, crafts and activities will also be under the supervision of Legacy’s Activities Director.


Scheduled local transportation services is provided. Medical transportation is based on availability for a fee.

What if I outlive my retirement savings?

It is our policy to operate as a nonprofit organization and to avoid termination of any Membership Agreement solely because of financial inability to pay. Should your financial circumstances change, you may be offered the opportunity to stay on at Legacy for a reduced monthly fee, based on your ability to pay and the assurance that the community’s financial strength will not be compromised by deferring your fees. Many who find themselves in this situation are happy they chose to join an equity model CCRC. Your home can be used to borrow against and fund unexpected needs including supplementing your monthly fee or long-term healthcare.

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