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Lifestyle Wellness

Lifestyle Wellness

Be Your Best Self

Lifestyle Wellness is so much more than merely independent living. We envision Legacy as a community that takes a holistic and integrative approach to your daily wellness, supporting your intentional choices about the food you eat and the fitness programs that keep you active. You’ll find dedicated places to pursue your hobbies and interests. Or, you might relax in common gathering spaces to build friendships and community. You’ll feel your own personal sense of identity and belonging. Staying active and engaged as you move through the years has been proven to prolong quality of living—and we think that kind of environment is worth investing in! What’s more, Legacy will provide resources to help you access and embrace a lifestyle of wellness, including:

  • As a member, visit the spa to soak in the lasting benefits of massage for health and healing, or stop by the salon for a haircut or other grooming services.
  • A handy on-campus health care clinic, led by a primary care physician, will be a welcome bonus when it’s time to have check-ups, basic diagnostic tests, first aid, and the like. Plus, this doctor can refer you to other, trusted professionals and services within the larger healthcare system.
  • Physical, Occupational and Speech therapies will all be on-site. And outside specialists, such as audiologists and podiatrists will also be available periodically. And what’s more, these professionals will work alongside our wellness and fitness coordinators to ensure your smooth transition back into classes and activities.
  • Transportation to outside medical appointments, so you’ll never have to worry about how you’ll get to that next appointment or to the pharmacy to pick up your next prescription.
  • Home Care can coordinate and assist with additional help and services so that you can stay in your home longer, and delay a move to the dedicated Assisted Living facility.
  • Legacy will have a special program to serve as your bridge between health care providers and payers (such as Medicare and insurance companies) and serve as your advocate in verifying plan coverages and charges. Not only that, but Legacy staff can step in to schedule payments, reassuring both Members and Providers.

But it doesn’t stop there. Take comfort knowing that you’ll have a rich array of concierge services to help coordinate daily needs, offer help troubleshooting your iPhone, and establish partnerships with local universities to provide onsite continuing educational opportunities. Legacy is committed to lifestyle wellness and the support that promotes and enhances independent living.

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