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While you never know what life will hold, you can always be better prepared.  The future could bring a grand celebration or an unexpected setback.  While we all hope for the celebration, we should plan for the set-back.  A decision to buy a home at Legacy covers both scenarios, with a keen focus on the set-backs that can occur as you age.

Have a knee replacement?  Take advantage of our on-campus healthcenter to rehab with around-the-clock care until you can safely return to your home.  Feeling a little sick?  Visit our walk-in, physician-staffed health clinic. Be seen and prescribed the right medication for your needs.  And as a proposed Continuing Care Retirement Community, your Legacy membership entitles you exclusive access to our Health Center with licensed assisted living and skilled nursing. All your healthcare bases are covered with one decision.

Sound too good to be true? It really isn’t. Our healthcare model at Legacy offers a greater degree of flexibility and customization than that of a traditional CCRC where healthcare services are bundled opaquely into a blanket monthly fee. At Legacy, we allow our members to both see and select the exact level of healthcare services they choose. We offer many levels of care clearly delineated and transparently priced.

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What if I need care outside of my home?

As a fully-licensed Continuing Care Retirement Community, Legacy at Mills River also offers 17 private assisted living suites that offer dignified nursing care. That means that we have the care you need, whenever you may need it.

Do you have on-site primary care?

Regular check-ups and diligence in follow-up treatments are important components of healthcare. At Legacy at Mills River we simplify this process in two ways. First, a full clinic designed to be staffed by an outside physician practice will be located on campus allowing residents to choose to receive primary care including periodic exams, lab work, sick visits and first aid. Additionally, some specialists likely including podiatrists, audiologists and others may see patients as part of the clinic services. Many residents of CCRCs find onsite primary care clinics to be a tremendous benefit.

Legacy at Mills River will have a contract with a firm providing physical, occupational and speech therapy on campus. Therefore, members will not need to travel offsite following surgery, injury or illness requiring follow-up rehabilitation services.

What if I want to keep my off-site doctor?

Residents who choose to use physicians or specialists outside of Legacy, transportation services are provided during regular windows throughout the week.

Will there be anyone to help guide me through the health insurance maze?

If terms like “Co-payment,” “deductible,” “EOB,” and “Donut Hole,” cause you stress, then Legacy at Mills River’s Coverage Advocacy and Administration Program (CAAP) will give you comfort. Developed over many years, the CAAP, with the authorization of participating Members, steps in-between health care providers and payers (Medicare, Insurance Companies) to serve as an advocate to verify all plan coverages and charges. Additionally, Legacy staff intervenes to schedule payments to provide reassurance to Members and Providers. Legacy at Mills River may pay certain approved charges on behalf of the Member and add the charge to the Member’s account.

This time, stress and potentially money saving program, is viewed by Members at RLA-involved communities as one of the most appreciated benefits available to Members.

What happens if I need long-term care?

Our approach to long-term care emphasizes access to outstanding, members-only long-term health care combined with an innovative, flexible approach to paying for care.

How much short-term care is included?

As a membership benefit, all Legacy Members are provided 15 “eligible days” per calendar year of limited room and board care in the Legacy at Mills River Health Center. Eligible days can accumulate to a maximum of 30 days. Members may utilize eligible days to be cared for due to a short-term illness, to rehab from surgery, accident or illness or at the beginning of a permanent stay at the Assisted Living or Skilled Nursing level of care. During an eligible day stay, Members are provided semi-private accommodations and one meal per day. Private accommodations may be available for an additional charge and two additional meals per day will be billed to Member’s account.

What happens if I need extended long-term care?

When long-term care services are needed on a permanent basis (and after the exhaustion of eligible days), the Continuing Care Modified program provides access to on-campus assisted and skilled nursing care. This Program is available to initial Members at no additional charge.
Members utilizing the Continuing Care Modified Program will pay a per diem (daily) rate for care received that is intended to be below the going rate in the local market. Current projected rates at Legacy at Mills River are:

  • Assisted Living: $156/day (Base rate, Level of Care surcharge may apply)
  • Skilled Nursing: $236/day

A resource for tracking rates for long-term care services:

Are there care package upgrades available?

The Life Care Program is an upgrade option that provides access to on-campus Assisted Living and Skilled Nursing care to Members for an additional one-time fee. Legacy at Mills River is making a special Lump Sum Benefit exclusively available to Founder’s Guild Members. This benefit allows Founder’s Guild Member(s) the option of selecting to pay a one-time payment for the Life Care Option rather than the standard contract provision for a smaller upfront payment plus a per person monthly payment. By paying this one-time fee, a member locks in their current single-person monthly fee* for the home the Member or designated Member resided in prior to their permanent move to long-term care.

A very unique feature of Legacy at Mills River’s approach to long-term care is the ability to delay the decision to upgrade to the Life Care Program. At Legacy at Mills River, Members are not required to make their choice to upgrade to the Life Care Program up front, when information may still be limited. Our Members can choose to upgrade at any time, at least 12 months in advance of their need for care. This allows Members to further evaluate their health and financial status before making this important decision.

When you consider how to best maintain your health and to adapt to health changes as they occur, we are confident you will appreciate the options and the flexibility afforded by the services and programs at Legacy at Mills River.

* Plus small additions for extra meals and medical supplies

What are the chances I’ll need long-term care?

One of the possibilities of growing older is the potential to need long-term health care. Legacy at Mills River will be a licensed Continuing Care Retirement Community (CCRC) by the State of North Carolina, otherwise known as a Life Plan Community. In CCRC/Life Plan Communities, members benefit by having access to multiple levels of care without having to leave the community itself. Members can live independently, receive care in their homes or transition to care in an on-campus assisted living (including memory care) and skilled nursing center.

No one can accurately predict their need for long-term care because many of the factors that lead to needing this type of care are simply not knowable in advance. For example, accidents often lead to a need for long-term care but simply cannot be predicted. Of course, personal and family medical history can give important insights.

Long-Term Care Statistics

(AARP, Alzheimer’s Association, NAIC)


Percentage of individuals over 65 in the highest income quintile who will have a long-term care need of two years or longer.


Estimated percentage of men 65 and older who will need long-term care during their lifetimes.


Estimated percentage of women 65 and older who will need long-term care during their lifetimes.


Percentage of people turning age 65 that will need some type of long-term care services in their lifetimes.


Percentage of Americans over age 65 who have Alzheimer’s dementia.


Percentage of individuals turning 65 between 2015 and 2019 who will spend more than $250,000 on long-term care during their lifetimes.


Years is the average number of years women utilize long-term care.


Years is the average number of years men utilize long-term care.


Estimated lifetime cost of care
for someone with dementia.

What should people do as it relates to planning for a possible need for long-term care? We recommend that you use the information you have: medical and financial, and make an informed choice that gives you peace of mind. CCRCs/Life Plan communities like Legacy at Mills River can provide that peace of mind for its members.

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