Marilyn Carlson


Marilyn and her husband, Carl, retired to Brevard in 1992 when their home that they were building was completed.  Prior to that, they resided in New Jersey where Marilyn was a dedicated stay-at-home mom to their 2 children.  When the children had grown, Marilyn was an office manager for a large Orthodontic practice.  After relocating to Brevard, she taught literacy at the local school.


Marilyn enjoys all arts and crafts and, at one time, loved creating water color artwork.  While she has not picked up her paint brush for quite some time, she looks forward to settling into the Legacy art studio and reacquainting herself with her pallet, watercolor paints and paper!  Some of her other joys are playing various card games and dominos and especially spending time with friends.


Marilyn admits to that she gave golf a try… but experienced a couple injuries that impeded her ability to accomplish the skill set necessary to play…and ultimately concluded that golf was not for her!


There were 3 important aspects to making her decision to reserve a Legacy home. The first was the equity model of home ownership! The second was the ideal location of being central between Brevard, Hendersonville and Asheville.  Finally, the level of care that Legacy will offer provided Marilyn with an immeasurable sense of security.


Marilyn anticipates the Legacy Community to be warm, friendly and welcoming.  Consequently, she is looking forward to making new friends and sharing her time and talents.


Village Home 58, Floor Plan Brantwood

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