Kathryn Banks and Wharton Winstead


Kathryn and Wharton live in North Asheville and enjoy stunning long-range mountain views framing downtown Asheville. Kathryn is a native of Upstate SC and Wharton hails from Roxboro, NC. They moved full time to Asheville in 2017 from Charleston, SC where they owned and occupied a Revolutionary era building in the Historic District, after living the prior 7 years on nearby Dewees Island. Kathryn was a banker for 20+ years and then worked as an adjunct instructor at the university level for 5 years. Wharton has had many careers including a computer programmer, the owner/manager of a radio station, the owner/builder of a cable TV franchise, and the owner/manager of a TV station.  


Kathryn and Wharton enjoy travel and, in fact, were able to complete a 54-day cruise to Northern Europe and across the North Atlantic just months before COVID shut down all travel. While Kathryn is not a formally trained artist, she has enjoyed drawing and painting since elementary school. She began painting in watercolors, then oil pastels and some mixed media collages, and now is working in acrylic. During the past few years, it has been nearly impossible for her to find any time to work in her studio, so this is a silver lining to being homebound during COVID. She also enjoys gardening, cooking and reading. You can’t have a conversation with Wharton without a joke or a good laugh, as his humor is an infectious part of his personality. He enjoys reading, photography and watching movies which has kept him busy during the pandemic. And, as an engineer, he enjoys all things tech 


Kathryn and Wharton both separately survived Hurricane Andrew in 1992 in Miami.  


Wharton and Kathryn were really attracted to the ownership model of Legacy, knowing this is a unique opportunity in Western North Carolina. They also like the flexibility the equity model provides because they have the option to rent their unit if they are not yet ready to leave their home when Legacy opens.  


True to Wharton’s personality, he comically answered that he looks forward to contributing his monthly fees to Legacy once it opens. Jokes aside, they both look forward to making new friends and exploring all the ways they can continue living in Western NC while having more time to devote to the enjoyment of their hobbies and personal interests.  


Manor Home 553, Floor Plan Penthouse 

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