John & Oz Staley


John and Oz are SOLD on Legacy and they should know as they each worked in sales positions for many years. Oz was in a wide variety of industries. John was in industrial sales – metal finishing, plating chemicals and industrial adhesives. Quite a long way from his degree and first job in city planning! They have lived in Charlottesville VA the last 15 years. Prior to that move they were in NC, mostly in the Raleigh area.


Both John and Oz are fly fishing enthusiasts. John also enjoys the art and craft of fly tying and fly rod building. Oz likes to have a racquet in her hand – tennis or pickleball. You are also likely to find her out hiking on a trail, supporting women recovering from addiction through her Episcopal church, or participating in the Garden Club of Virginia projects. And travel is often on their calendars.


Oz loves flower gardening and flower arranging. John is a regular yoga practitioner as he appreciates all the benefits – improved balance, flexibility and centering.


Let us count the ways! Equity model, new CCRC, duplex option, rural location but close to Asheville, closer to family.


John and Oz are board and committee veterans and will be happy to help get things organized when everyone moves in to Legacy. Oz has particular expertise in gardening – especially flowers. John would like to be part of a fishing club with monthly outings to nearby streams and rivers.


Village Home R1, Floor Plan Roycroft

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