Gerry Walters & Karin Minshull


Karin and Gerry both immigrated from Germany – she with her teenage daughter and he when he was a young man. While they’ve happily been partners for many years, each has interesting “before we met” stories.

Karin was trained as a registered nurse but gave up her profession when she married. She says it was her good fortune to be able to stay at home and support her late husband in his professional career as well as their combined children.  Her husband’s work afforded them the opportunity to travel and live in many exciting places in the U.S. and abroad.

Gerry came to the U.S. chiefly out of curiosity and wanting to explore the country.  His background was in the hospitality business and he had interned in a number of major hotels in several countries in Europe.  Eventually, he founded and headed a very successful Corporate Travel Office in New York City that afforded him and his late wife worldwide travel to interesting and exotic destinations.

Karin has lived on both U.S. coasts as well as in the mid-west. Gerry lived in Connecticut for many years before retiring to South Florida. Karin and Gerry discovered Western North Carolina during a visit in 2014 while living in FL. They became snowbirds for a few years before making their current home in Mills River. They won’t have far to move when Legacy opens!


Karin is a watercolorist and an avid knitter, the products of the latter supporting several local charities.

Gerry works in acrylics and his paintings tend to be more impressionistic or abstract.

They have two adorable small dogs that thrive on Karin’s home cooked dog food. She also enjoys cooking for humans, who give her culinary skills a thumbs up too.

Karin and Gerry are fans of books and live theater and music performances.


When Karin became an empty-nester she started a company that imported boutique wines from Germany.  She not only distributed their wines all over southern California but also taught extensive wine appreciation classes.


At this point in their lives Karin and Gerry are ready to give up the responsibilities and sometimes aggravation of homeownership. The idea of property ownership while living in a CCRC community is attractive to them. The fact that this is happening so close to their present location they consider most fortuitous.


Karin and Gerry are looking forward to using the pool and the gym. And with their creative arts pursuits, they look forward to having an arts and craft location at Legacy. They are eager to meet others with like interests. And finally, whatever they can contribute to the vibrant life at Legacy, they’ll give it their all.


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