Ben Deibler & Grace Osborne


Grace and Ben built a mountain top retirement home in the Cliffs Valley community after retiring and moving south from the Princeton, NJ area.

During their working years Grace worked in both social work and business sectors. For many years she was in employee relations and sales management and development in the pharmaceutical industry. After retirement she continued to consult in these areas.

Ben was a CPA, MBA and CFO early in his career but spent the last 30 years in the healthcare products industry. He was with Johnson and Johnson for the majority of his employment and prior to retiring in 2003 he was with their Vision Care Franchise.


Grace and Ben are active seniors who enjoy world travel, golfing, skiing and hiking. They make many trips to Athens, GA to spend happy times with their kids and grandkids.


Grace puts her MSW degree to work as a Guardian ad Litem for the NC Court system. Ben works as an advisory board member for Bridges to a Brighter Future, an organization that helps under-resourced HS students have a path to a college education.


Grace and Ben were drawn to Legacy because of the experienced developers, attractive location and the equity ownership model. They also are looking forward to all the advantages the CCRC model offers.


Grace is interested in community outreach efforts that support people who are under-resourced. Ben, as a founding board member and twice former board chair of The Woodlands at Furman CCRC, can share start-up growing pains and how to work through them.


Manor Home 407, Floor Plan Penthouse

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