Barbara & David Billet


Both with small town roots in the Northeast, Barbara grew up in a rural community outside of Rochester, NY and David is from the little city of York, PA.  In 2008, they retired and relocated from Albany, NY to a beautiful new urbanism community called Habersham in Beaufort, S.C. Both Barbara and David had careers in New York state government and politics.  Both began their professional lives in the NY State Legislature, where David was Director of the Education Committee.  Barbara left that world to attend law school and ultimately joined a private law firm.  In the midst of their respective careers, David became a partner in a private lobbying firm and Barbara turned to appellate work in the Attorney General’s Office where she, ultimately, served as Solicitor General.  Eventually they both ended up working for two different State Governors…and, in their words… NY State politics is never boring!


The Billets both love to travel and read. Pre-COVID, they both were involved in their local residential governance boards.  David also volunteered at the Red Cross and Barbara assisted in tutoring at the after school program in their church.  In the midst of COVID, they enjoyed streaming good foreign films suggested by friends far and near.  David also enjoys golf and working in his wood shop.  Barbara loves to putter in the garden.


During high school, Barbara was a summer exchange student in France and, later based on her favorable experience, her family elected to host two students from abroad through AFS, one from Norway and one from Brazil.  When their children were teens, they hosted an Austrian student for the year. They have cherished that experience so much and have traveled to Austria and Norway where they reunited with the students as well as enjoyed meeting their family members. Today, Barbara and David continue to foster these beautiful international relationships as a result.


The Billets feel like the Legacy location is favorable in many respects.  They also fully appreciate the home ownership of the equity model and its many benefits and want to be well prepared should either be in need of daily health care. Barbara and David feel confident that once Legacy is constructed as envisioned and they move into their new home, they will fully enjoy the restaurants, the pool, the wood shop and, most particularly, their new neighbors and friends.


Barbara would love to assist with the creation of the Legacy library!  David would like to work in setting up the wood shop!  And, both of them look forward to meeting fellow bridge players…should be in great company in all three venues!


Manor Home 167, Floor Plan Pinesilk

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