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Ownership is good for everyone.

Legacy at Mills River is a Continuing Care Retirement Community (CCRC). But we’re not a standard CCRC. Oh no. Far from it.

Choosing an entrance-fee CCRC is much like renting an apartment: you pay entrance and monthly fees, and in exchange you receive a place to live and a slate of benefits. But life at Legacy is different. Rather than renting your space at Legacy, we believe in the value of ownership. So our members build equity in their homes. Here, you’re not just an occupant, you’re truly an invested member of our senior living community.

Not only does our ownership model benefit our members—giving them a lasting value few other senior living options provide—it also benefits our entire community, because our members are quite literally more invested in our campus than the members you’ll find elsewhere. It’s a win-win situation, and we’re proud to be pioneers. And it’s a model we hope will soon transform the entire industry, nationwide.

With this model you will benefit from:

  • From living in a new community with newly constructed homes, designed for modern living.
  • From building equity in your home and the appreciation that is sure to follow once we are open so you have the opportunity to grow your investment, not lose it.
  • From being not just an occupant, you’re truly an invested member of our senior living community.
  • Lifelong on-campus healthcare at a cost well below market rates

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