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The Arts & Crafts Movement was a rebellion against prefabricated, assembly-line workmanship and a return to the fine craft of artisans. In that spirit, Legacy at Mills River celebrates Arts & Crafts style in its designs—and makes you an integral part of the process. Once you choose your home from an extensive range of modern layouts, select your designer décor from a comprehensive binder of options—every possible choice, from hardware and appliances to colors and finishes. We offer three levels of customized elegance—Craftsman, Artisan and Master. Even the first level—Craftsman—far surpasses the usual options in residential customization packages.

Make your choices. Then our proprietary computer software will bring your vision to life before your eyes. As Legacy rises, you’ll be able to share the excitement as you watch its progress on demand, right from your personal computer. So as you create a legacy for all time, you can see the results in no time.

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