Wellness, to refresh every day.

Preventive guidance, short-term care, long-term security.

We believe that healthy living shouldn’t feel like a chore; it should be a natural and enjoyable aspect of daily life. That’s why the Legacy at Mills River has designed a Fitness Center and Spa as inviting and superbly equipped as many of the world’s great resorts. With a personal trainer to guide you, create a program you can look forward to, day after day. Our exercise technology has been selected specifically for seniors. Whether it’s aqua therapy in our spectacular pool, massage therapy in our luxurious Spa, or a brisk walk down one of our woodland trails, there’s opportunity to feel "fitter" at every turn.

Wellness is a key component of our state-of-the-art Health Center, staffed by physicians. It’s not only a convenient place to get exceptional short-term care. It will be a resource for information on disease prevention, diabetes, nutrition and other important health issues.

To learn more about the Health Center at Legacy at Mills River, please call (828) 696-1554 or email us to request more information or schedule a tour.

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