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You have the opportunity to make two choices. First, for a $1,000 interest bearing and refundable deposit, you join our Priority Reservation List and get a PRIORTIY Number for selecting your residence at Legacy. Second, when you make an interest bearing and refundable 10% deposit towards a specific home at Legacy, you become a member of our Member Guild. As a member of the Legacy Member Guild you are provided a host of savings opportunities
and privileges:

  • You’ll enjoy preconstruction pricing.
  • We’ll provide an opportunity for you to meet with a staging expert to help sell your home and prepare to move to Legacy at Mills River.
  • We’ll provide up to 10 hours of consultation with a Legacy Personalizer to assist you as you browse through your new home Custom Book to select the finishes, fixtures and other personal touches you would like in your new Legacy home.
  • You’ll receive special lower premium prices on the most select locations.
  • We’ll provide a $5,000 Upgrade Allowance in Finishing Options.
  • You’ll be protected from price increases as Legacy at Mills River rises.

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